LEFTOVERS (2012) Producer. 23 min. The trajectory of lesbian lives lived at the margins seen through the snapshots they left behind.

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VISUAL AIDS (1997) Producer. 15 min. Two companion videos on HIV/AIDS, one from the perspective of urban, high-school age heterosexual women; the other from the perspective university age gay men.

GREAT EXPECTATIONS (1988) Co-producer, co-director, co-writer (with Michael Hyde & Gordon Quinn). 15 min. Documentary/narrative on high tech medicine.


(1983), Producer, writer, director, camera, editor. 25 min. Documentary video about my mother.

WHAT YOU TAKE FOR GRANTED (1983), Producer, director, writer, editor. 75 min. Experimental narrative about women and work.

Distributed by:
Women Make Movies, USA
Cinemien, The Netherlands



(1978), Producer, director, writer, editor, cinematographer. 55 min. Experimental narrative about mothers and daughters.

Distributed by:
Women Make Movies, USA
Cinenova, Great Britain
Cinemien, The Netherlands

(1979), Artistic Consultant and Cinematographer. 31 minutes. Documentary on the artist.

BIRTH TAPES (1977), Videomaker. 60 min. Documentary.
SECRETARY TAPES (1976), Videomaker (with Fina Bathrick). Five 30 min tapes. Documentary.

(1975), Filmmaker. 25 min. Experimental documentary on two women musicians.

INTEGRATION (1974), Filmmaker. 8 min. Experimental. APRIL 3, 1973 (1973), Filmmaker, 3 min. Experimental.


SELF DEFENSE (1973), Filmmaker, 4 min. Experimental.